The Cay Essay

Topics: United Kingdom, Black people, African diaspora Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Literary Essay
In The Cay, Phillip and Timothy must overcome several obstacles to insure their survival. Phillip demonstrates three dominant traits in this story. Phillip and Timothy must first survive out at sea, and later take refuge on a deserted island in the Caribbean. While attempting to persevere through these harsh circumstances, Phillip must rely on Timothy for sight and guidance in order to later survive alone on the cay. Phillip showed characteristics of being scared in several chapters. Phillip is acting this way because he is left with this stranger on an island without his parents. He feels that if he is not rescued then he will be forever with this man named Timothy. Phillip has not realized that without Timothy the possibilities of him staying alive are endless. Phillip was hopeful that one day he would be saved from the island. He is thinking that in a matter of days that a plane will eventually rescue him. He is also hoping that he will get his sight back so, that he can be able to help Timothy with their new lifestyle. Phillip never gives up on the fact that someone will come and save him. Phillip’s mother has raised Phillip to be prejudice against black people. Since he has never communicated with black people he doesn’t really know how he should act towards them. Phillip thinks he is superior to Timothy which because of this he is very judgmental to Timothy. For example, Phillip screamed at Timothy saying, “You ugly black man! I won’t do it! You’re stupid!” With this quote from the story you can really see how prejudice Phillip really was. After the death of Timothy Phillip was very heart broken. One thing that Phillip did know was that Timothy was his hero. Once again Phillip’s three most dominant traits were how he was hopeful, prejudice, and scared. Throughout this book he has remained to be the three of these traits. This book is phenomenal. I think that any person who picks this book will immediately love it.:
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