The Cay

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  • Published : August 22, 2012
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The Cay

In The Cay, the author Theodore Taylor wrote a moving and heartfelt story of the change of a friendship and survival of two people. It centers around Philip and Timothy as they find themselves stranded on an island in the Devils mouth. The story begins on an island off Curaçao in 1942 during World War II. Philip, an 11-year old boy, is an American living there because his father is an expert in aircraft fuel and works at the islands of refinery. Philip's mother is unhappy there and talks openly of her racism and hopes to move back to America. During an attempt to escape on a ship from U-boat attacks, Philip and his mother's boat is hit and he finds himself on a raft with Timothy, an old black man, and a stray cat named Stew Cat. Philip is worried about his dangerous situation and then becomes frightened when he realizes he is blind. The Cay is an emotional journey. It begins with the separation of Philip from his father when he has to leave the island during the war and then from his mother when their ship is attacked. Philip learned racism from his mother and overcame the racism while living on the island with Timothy. They were together for only about five months, but they grew to be great friends. Timothy teaches Philip how to survive alone on the island when Timothy realizes that he will not live much longer. Through their growing friendship and loyal dependency on each other, Timothy also teaches Philip how to live a life without racism or prejudice. From this experience, Philip can never be the same. I believe this story will have the same effect on the readers.
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