The Cave of Lascaux

Topics: Cave painting, Prehistoric art, Paleolithic Pages: 3 (1111 words) Published: April 21, 2012
The Cave of Lascaux
During the prehistoric time, people would express their thought by drawing many pictures in the caves and usually drew on the walls and ceilings inside the caves. The most common pictures in cave paintings are big wild animals, such as horses, tigers, deer, and tracings of human hands. Many cave paintings were found all over Europe and usually, they were on the wall of abandoned cave with the blocked entrance for many years, so the paintings were well preserved inside the cave. Cave paintings started during the time called the Paleolithic Age. According to archeologists, around 40,000 B.C., the earliest arts were created and cave paintings were started. Also the caves where paintings have been found are not likely to use as shelter, but they were used for ceremonial purposes (Tedesco, 2008). Although cave paintings are old and fainted, because of today’s technologies, scientists and archeologists can trace back when they were painted or how people lived back in prehistoric time by carbon dating methods, so these cave paintings can give valuable clues for everybody. For many people, those caves can be interesting to explore because they can know the culture and beliefs of that past time. In fact, to know the culture and beliefs of that past time, people should visit the Lascaux cave because of its prehistoric and cultural value. The Lascaux cave was accidentally discovered on September 12th, 1940 and it has many amazing prehistoric mural paintings. The cave was discovered by the four school boys named Marcel Ravidat, Jacques Marsal, Simon Cooencas and Georges Agnel from Montignac in the south central, western corner of France. Those four boys were hunting in the woods with their dog. The dog suddenly fell into the cave and would not answer the owner’s call. After they tried to drop some small rocks to the whole, it appeared that rocks fell endlessly. So, they decided to go inside the cave and explored more. Those boys thought that...
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