The Causes of the War

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The Causes of the War

By | August 2010
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In the article “Causes of the War with the United States” by Josefina Z. Vazquez, main point stated the Mexican War with United States. Josefina purpose for writing this article is, he wanted to trace the origins of Mexican War. He wanted to catch everyone attention, especially people that had the same ideas and thoughts as him. For Mexico the war left an uncomfortable feeling of not being able to deal better with its defense. (Vazquez 265) It is generally accepted that the cause of the war was North American expansionism although interpretation vary over the sparks that finally detonated the opening salvos of the conflict. Josefina believes this event was caused basically by expansionism. This text helped me understand what was going on with America and Mexico. I feel that Mexicans come to the United States now and take our jobs, because they feel in some way that everyone owes them. This article is too long, but it did describe in more detail about the Mexican War and what went on. I believe everyone has their own opinion and you can say what you want, but Josefina Vazquez said too much. The process of expansion across North American continent culminated in the mid 19th century with events both preceding and following the Mexican War. Most Americans joined with Senator Benton, President James k Polk and a host of other expansionists to fulfill their manifest destiny. And if fighting a war with Mexico was needed to complete America’s western coastline, then so be it! (Vazquez) It seemed to me that the Mexicans were just looking for a war, because they could’ve just gotten alone with the other countries. The Mexican War will always remain a seminal event in American History. Its fighting gained for the United States the vast and diverse land of California and the Land east to the Rio Grande. If one includes the acquisition of Texas and Oregon to that of the Mexican Cession. Polk’s election and presidency added more land to the United States than any...

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