The Causes of the Rising Divorce Rate

Topics: Marriage, Divorce, Family law Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: December 3, 2011
The Causes of the Rising Divorce Rate

There were once the moments that take their breath away, leaving their hearts pounding and throat thickening; there were once the ones whose name they secretly write down on their diaries and whose footsteps they can carefully distinguish from others’. They said that it was love and they got married. However, as time elapses, all the moments are turned into the agonized memory, sealed deep in their hearts, and covered with stain and dusk; all their beloved ones, who they do not bother to make mention of any longer, turn out to be the avatar of antipathy and aversion. They say that their love dies and they get divorced.

Marriage endows the world with so much beauty, while the divorce dyes it with that much pain. We can not but heave a long sign at the fact that modern society is engraved with higher and higher divorce rate.

What prevails over love to be the marriage terminator?

Firstly, the intense stress broods over our society, weighing down people’s spirits with heaviness. Many people strain themselves too hard, like the dam which is inflicted with unbearable water pressure and has no outlet to drain off water. When the last straw brings about the bursting point, the dam will explode, and then collapse. While marriage tends to be the innocent sacrifice, because many people remain servile in their working place, but will release their pressure by venting anger on their spouse when they get home. They can not simmer down when their anger is fired like the arrow off the string, while the target is their family member whose heart will be scarred and battered. Love might get baptized by severe tests, but it will wear down when undergoing too much harm.

Secondly, the prevalence of feminist movements emancipates women from traditional role the society designed for them and our culture does not frown as heavily on divorce as it used to. Women have renounced the stereotyped view that the marital...
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