The Causes of Obesity

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  • Published : May 10, 2013
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Good morning Mr.chairmain ,to my beloved Miss Suraya Muhammad and peace be upon to all fellow students.Hopefully you all in full bless of god.On this great day,it would be better if we be start our conversation with smiling.As you know,I am consultant of obesity.Before that,did you know what is childhoodobesity’s?And, if you look around you these days,do you know that many children are overweight? According to International Joural of obesity(2001)state,childhood obesity is positively correlated with eventual adult obesity.It is related to many of the same risk factors as adult obesity, most notably cardiovascular and psychosocial factors.It is widely accepted that prevention is the best way to control childhrood obesity.Fine, to all my dear listener,there are three causes of obesity among malaysian children first,less interest in outdoor activities such as game and sports. Secondly,with both parents working in most families. Thirdly,life style. Without futher delay, firstly children nowadays have no interest in outdoor activities such as game and sports. In addition,children tend to be lazy and would rather spend their time relaxing at home. The problem of overweight might be caused by physical inactivaty where the urban children indulged more on inactive leisure time activities such as television viewing,playing computer games and surfing the net. For example, when school went home their find some junkfruits and sometimes when they do homework with eating. Perhaps,school children like to watching television with eat some junkfruits. This is particularly true in the case of Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia’s capital city. With rapid socioeconomic development, habits children changes and problems related to behavioural and mental health, become common. Malaysia has a large propotion of young people and school age children (5-20 years). It can be dangerous if this habits go on by the obesity children. Ladies...
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