The Causes and Symptoms of Antisocial Personality Disorder in Women

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  • Published : March 23, 2011
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Women with antisocial personality disorder have symptoms of violence, lying, inappropriate behaviour and are constantly in trouble with the law. The causes of women with antisocial personality disorder have been linked to physical, verbal and sexual child abuse.

Antisocial personality disorder is a chronic mental disorder that affects thoughts and the way situations are perceived. The causes and symptoms of antisocial personality disorder in women can have serious effects on their relationships with others. Women with antisocial personality disorder will often have substance abuse problems, violent behaviours and no regard for what is right and wrong. The disorder is often referred to as sociopath personality disorder.


Women with APD often begin to show signs of the disorder in childhood with symptoms increasing as they age. During their mid twenties, the symptoms begin to intensify and will often decrease over time. Even as a woman with APD ages and symptoms begin to subside, she will typically continue to have difficulties in forming relationships or might be involved in several dysfunctional relationships. Common symptoms of women with antisocial personality disorder include:

Repeatedly breaking of the law
Deceitfulness and/or repeated lying
Impulsive behaviour
Aggressive and/or violent behaviour and irritability
Complete disregard of safety for themselves and/or others •Irresponsible behaviour in regards to family, work and/or finances •Lack of guilt and remorse about harming others
An inability to feel empathy or sympathy towards others
Complete lack of concern for their behaviour and/or actions •An inability to learn from or modify behaviours based past experiences or the prediction of future outcomes •Abusive thoughts and behaviour towards other humans and/or animals •Continuous property destruction

Attempts to use humour and/or charm for manipulation and intimidation of others •Violation of the rights of...
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