The Causes and Effects of Obesity

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Insulin Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: October 31, 2012
The Hidden Truth
Obesity is a tremendous issue in America, though it isn’t viewed as a pressing matter. The media portrays obesity as only a choice and the effects only affect that person. Which in reality, obesity effects more than just that person. The majority of the causes and effects and can be passed down to their children. Effects such as current and future psychological issues, physical health issues, and economical expenses. Obesity creates many psychological problems including mental instability. I know people who are extremely overweight and they are emotional, and most often insecure. Often time’s people who suffer from obesity have low self-esteem. This impacts and leads to both major and minor health issues, also both physically and psychologically. Mental instability is among the most significant problems that occur, in obesity. Some of the first signs of mental instability in obesity are suicidal tendencies and thoughts. This issue has a problem within its self. Teenagers are already prone to suicidal thoughts and tendencies, so adding obesity to that will amplify those tendencies. In order for these problems to be recognized in America, we need to pay attention to the signs. Social media these days allow teens and obese people to publicly cry out for help, though much of time it goes completely unnoticed.

The next issue that is faced in obesity is the many health issues that are caused by the lack of exercise, diet, and genetics. Medical problems such as cancers, diabetes, strokes, and heart attacks are huge effects of obesity. For example, people who go to fast food restaurants more than cooking at home are at high risk of gaining weight at a quicker rate. We live in an era of “super size” and ridiculously high calorie food with no nutritional quality. Diabetes and obesity are closely linked because of the amount of sugar in the foods being eaten. People do not realize how much fat and sugar is in the food they are eating, and the...
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