The Causes and Effects of Global Warming

Topics: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas Pages: 10 (2120 words) Published: August 9, 2013
MSA University
Faculty of business studies
Spring 2011

The causes and effects of Global Warming

Prepared for: Dr.Dina Saad

Prepared by: Abdelrahman Tarek

Completed on: 31/5/2011
Table of Contents

Executive Summary ---------------------------------------- 1

Part 1

Introduction ------------------------------------------------- 2

Questionnaire results ------------------------------------ 3-6

Part 2

Causes of Global Warming ------------------------------ 7

- CO2 emissions
- Methane emissions
- Deforestation

Effects on the planet ------------------------------------- 8

- Greenhouse effect
- Melting of the two ice poles
- Aquatic life destruction

Conclusion ------------------------------------------------- 9

References ------------------------------------------------ 10

Appendices: ----------------------------------------------- 11-12

- Global Warming Questionnaire
- Questionnaire table analysis
Executive summary

Global Warming is probably the biggest challenge the Universe is facing in the next few years. Many have voiced their deep concerns over this issue, and the dangers that it imposes on all of our lives. The importance of this topic to every individual in the society is the reason I chose it to be my report subject. I’ll be writing my report following the upcoming outline:

I. What is Global Warming

II. Why it is a danger upon the entire world

III. Who aggravated the problem to that extent

IV. What can we do to save the world

V. When is our last chance to act

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Global warming is changing our world. This was only a raw thought when it first emerged in a 1979 paper called the Charney report. The term was then widely used since 1988, after NASA climate scientist James Hensen used the term in front of the American Congress. The raw thought is now an undeniable fact, as scientists have documented climate induced changes in some 100 physical and 450 biological processes (United Nations Environment Programme, 2003). Signs have appeared all over the world ranging from higher temperature levels, sea levels and shrinking glaciers. This will only result in the two poles melting theory, in which the northern and southern ice poles melt, raising sea levels astonishingly and changing the geography of the whole world. Moreover, this will negatively affect other living organisms other than human beings damaging the wildlife severely.

The biggest worry nowadays is that however the issue and its dangers are commonly known in the scientific world, they are hardly a pressing issue among normal individuals. A survey carried by Columbia University in New York asked the people “How much do you personally worry about global warming - a great deal, a fair amount, only a little, or not at all?” The Answers were not reassuring, as 26% responded “a great deal”, 34% “A fair amount”, 24% “A little” and 15% denied their concern about the issue. These percentages did not match the expectations of the scientific community, as the issue – according to them – is probably one of the most defying challenges the world is facing. Although a fair amount showed their full or partial awareness of the issue, still more awareness will be needed in order to come up against this worldwide problem.

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Questionnaire analysis:

• Are you aware of the dangers of Global Warming?

Yes No To a certain extent


The answers of this questions where similar to my initial expectations to a great extent. The awareness level of the dangers of global warming is average. This is clearly shown as out of the 20 respondents, 5 only were fully aware of the dangers. The other 15 were split between unaware or aware but to a certain extent. I believe people responded this way as there is a wide neglection of the cause whether in the...
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