The Cause of Poverty in Mexico

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  • Published : July 8, 2009
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The Causes of Poverty in Mexico | |[pic]
|Are you aware that 20 million people in Mexico live on less than two dollars a day? Sixty million people, half the Mexican | |population, live in poverty, and 20 million of them live in extreme poverty. Most of the time, garbage is their food, and some | |days, they don’t even eat anything. This critical situation in Mexico is caused by individual, geographic and political factors. | |The purpose of this essay is to analyze these three main causes of poverty in Mexico. | |The first and immediate cause of poverty in Mexico is the individual condition. This cause refers to circumstances and | |characteristics of poor people. For example, the amount of education, skill, intelligence, health, and prejudice all have an | |influence on poverty . The lack of education is one of the most significant factors that contributes to poverty. There is no | |access to jobs for non-educated people. | |The second cause of poverty has to do with geography. For example, statistics show that people who live in rural areas far away | |from the cities are poorer. This is caused by the lack of communication and transportation in remote rural areas. Because of this,| |governments can’t provide essential services such as potable water, affordable food, primary health care, and education. People | |who live there are totally isolated from the rest of the society. | |The third and most significant cause of poverty in Mexico is the political economy of the country. The International Monetary Fund| |and World Bank-prescribed structural adjustment policies have been applied in Mexico because the government doesn’t carry out | |enough policies to encourage successful development. They cannot, for these international institutions lend money to Mexico on the| |condition that the nation open up its economy and cut social expenditures to repay the loans. The IMF and World Bank programs are | |supposed to reduce poverty, but actually they are increasing it. | |Unless the Mexican government works on the causes of the poverty which are the individual condition, the geographic factor, and | |the political economy of the country, the problem is going to get worse. Nobody likes to see poor children eating out of garbage | |cans. Mexico needs a new political economy designed by Mexican economists and politicians, people who are committed to Mexico and | |to the future of its society. | |The Effects of Entering a University | | | |[pic] | |Entering a university is a very important and interesting experience in a person’s life, but at the same time it is an experience | |that will change your lifestyle and personality forever. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the three main effects of | |entering a university which are missing old friends, learning how to survive during university, and developing responsible | |behavior which must accompany university studies. | |The first and also the most common effect of entering a University is that once you enter the new school, you start missing your | |old friends. There are many reasons you and your friends start splitting apart and leaving to...
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