The Cause of Poverty

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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The Cause of Poverty

In today’s world poverty is a huge issue that most people experience during their lives. Imagine searching through heaping piles of refuse at landfills, looking for anything that could seem partly edible, to satisfy an unending hunger. Many people around the world are facing this situation every day of their lives. What could have caused a situation like this to occur? Poverty in general means the condition where people's basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter are not being met. This can occur to an individual or a whole country. It is estimated that more than 35 million, Americans approximately 14 percent of the population, live in poverty. Some poverty examples would be people living on the street, people who can't afford to go to the doctor or school, and people living in cars after losing their jobs. Poverty is caused by a wide variety of factors. There are two types of factors which are acute and entrenched. Acute factors are war, natural disasters, and disease. Entrenched factors are lack of education, corruption, and overpopulation. War is an acute factor and has a major role in causing poverty. During war, people usually think only the lives of the young men and women who are fighting the war are lost, but have you ever thought of the people who have lost their lives, their family, their dreams, their necessities, and their money because of war? When there is war, the only thing the government worries about is maintaining the military, so instead of fighting poverty they are more concentrated in fighting a war. The war in Ethiopia and Eritrea occurred during 1999 and 2000 and it was a period when both countries faced severe food shortage due to drought. During this time the government was focusing on the war instead of preventing poverty. They funded the war instead of providing food for the suffering people. War is also expensive and costly to maintain for long periods of time. During a war, the government...
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