The Cause of First World War

Topics: World War I, World War II, Triple Alliance Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Essay on the Long and Short Term Causes of the First World War.
First World War, was started from August of 1914, ended at November of 1918. This war happened in europe, at that time almost every country in the world join this war. First World War was the war between The Triple Alliance and The Triple Entente. The Triple Alliance had Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy and some other country, (Italy changed her position to The Triple Entente at 1915, so The Triple Alliance is collapse after that ). The Triple Entente had Great Britain, France, Russia and some other country. At the end of the First World War, America join The Triple Entente, The Triple Alliance declare failure at the end.

The causes of World War One was very small, it was begin with something small became something big. Is like you throw a pebble in to a lack, ripple is growing and growing, more and more country joined the war, but at the end, the lack become silence again. The world become tranquil and calm.

There three main reason of the World War One, first was the relationship between Britain and Germany. They had a big contradiction on the division of the territory, it became the one of main reason of the First World War; Second was the relationship between France and Germany, from the actual situation, the contradiction between Britain and Germany is not comprehensive. Britain think Germany as the main rival of them, but Germany dosen’t think Britain as the main enemy from national policy. Therefore, the contradiction between the two countries did not constituted the principal contradiction. Actually the biggest enemy of Germany was France, regardless from the development of each countries or the land of each countries. Third reason was the relationship between Russia and Germany, before the First World War, the colonies issues between Britain and Germany was not irreconcilable contradictions, the problem between Russia and Germany was more contradiction and prominent. So the contradiction...
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