The Cause and Effects of Injuries

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  • Published : May 4, 2013
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The Cause and Effects of Injuries
Injuries occur every day, and at some point in everyone’s life, they will experience at least one. The way it heals, or doesn’t, depend on if you have treatment, how quickly you get treatment, and many other different factors. I had one injury that turned into many different injuries when it was left untreated.

I was in basic training when I broke my right hip. At basic, you do a lot of running, exercising, walking, and heavy lifting; not only do you do all of those things daily, but you do them all day, every day. Since I am a girl, that much stress on my body is not easily handled. It is very common for a female to break a hip in basic or to develop stress fractures; running and heavy lifting caused my original injury of a femoral neck stress fracture. The femoral neck is the smallest part of your hip that connects to your thigh. It started off being a sharp stabbing pain when I would walk or run, it progressed to be much worse. I didn’t see a doctor or rest my hips when the pain started so it ended up completely breaking and not allowing me to walk somewhat normal for about eight months.

After about thirty days of bed rest I was able to walk with crutches, I couldn’t take more than a baby step without them. Around another month later I was able to walk again but with a severe limp. I had to go back to my unit at basic training and rejoin them so they could discharge me out of the military. The paperwork process took about three months; during those months I had to follow my unit around as they trained. I would have to go up and down three flights of stairs multiple times a day and all around Fort Jackson; it was a very difficult and painful process.

Eventually, over compensating for my right hip caused my left hip to break as well. I had stress fractures in both of my hips, pain in my lower back, and a swelling of my right knee often. It was very difficult to deal with and to stand all the time; the effects of me...
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