The Catering Skills of Uphsd

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“Catering is the cottage industry of New York. All a caterer needs is a Cuisine art, some pots and pans and a couple of food magazines to start out. They get jobs, though they don't necessarily get repeats.” –Donald Bruce White; New York’s best known caterer.

Finding and choosing a catering service is one of the most important aspects of planning the perfect event. The most challenging part of creating an event is the food. If you think serving food to a group of people only requires good culinary skills, you are sadly mistaken. Being able to cook is just the tip of the iceberg. A lot more goes into serving food to guests. And if the turnout is predicted to be large, then it is best advisable to steer clear of working on the food by you, and hire professionals for the job. This is where catering comes in. A good catering service will not only provide you with a delicious menu, but will also help setting up the meal area, serve guests efficiently and take care of any related faux pas. Caterers not only serve as waiters/waitresses, they also assist as bartenders. A professional caterer knows what menu to be set for a particular event, the volume of food required, the serving process (what comes after what), makes sure that the

food looks good when served, and also explains the meal effectively to the guests, if required.

Arranging the table correctly is also something a catering service takes care of. The type of cutlery necessary, the arrangement of bowls, plates and glasses and the folds of a napkin; all these intricacies are taken care of by them. The event or the occasion is of utmost relevance when planning the food. If it is wedding, champagne, caviar and wedding cakes are a must. The cake should be confirmed by the couple regarding size, flavor, and decoration. A corporate gathering for example a business luncheon party would generally have a larger variety of liquor: wine, whiskey, and rum. It is also intelligent to keep a few mocktails for the non-drinkers. When deciding on the menu, it is best to have the quintessential starter-entre-dessert series. If you want to make it more elaborate, go for the six or eight course meals, accordingly.

Most people prefer wine as the form of alcohol while eating. But it is very important to be aware of which wine (white or red) can complement the kind of meat that is being served for the meal. Also, remember, white wine is served chilled, while red wine is best kept at room temperature. The glasses for both are different as well. It is best to keep the dessert light, with a few varieties. Since not everyone has a sweet tooth, instead of sticking only soufflés and ice cream, you can also serve fresh cream with fruit salad. For every course in the meal, the cutlery is different. Therefore, the waters should be alert about the time of change. If it is a

buffet, then the plate should be replaced immediately when the guest leaves the table for the next course or helping. Also remember to have water on the table at all times. It is a very basic item, yet mandatory. The most important thing for the people who are serving to remember is to keep their own emotions in check. Be pleasant to the guest come what may.

And to make these events perfect you must have the perfect staff. Knowing the skills of BS.HRM students of the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA in catering will help provide us students, parents, faculty and the university a background of what kind of students the university is producing. Will they be an asset someday, have they learned and will their skills help them land a job in connection with their course. Catering as a major subject in HRM needs further studying when it comes to the skills of the students. Potentials in catering service are one asset to be the best known caterer....
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