The Casualties of Faculty Indifference (Young, Gay, and Murdered)

Topics: School, Jack Russell Terrier, Homosexuality Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: February 16, 2011
15 September 2010
The Casualties of Faculty Indifference
Most people try to avoid issues concerning homosexuality by being neutral even if they have a problem with it. Schools face a bigger problem staying neutral since they must protect students’ rights, as well as maintaining order for the entire school. In the article “Young, Gay and Murdered” by Ramin Setoodeh, Larry King was a young man with a very bubbly personality and a very flamboyant appearance. His time at E.O. Green was tough; Larry was teased very often about his sexuality. Although Larry did not help the situation by making remarks that pushed other boys further into homophobia. Larry was interested in a boy named Brandon; however Brandon did not feel comfortable with the flirtatious remarks towards him. Brandon felt the only option to take care of his situation with Larry was to kill him. The staff at E.O. Green should have taken the time to investigate what was going on between the two boys. This tragedy could have been avoided, and Larry and Brandon would not have had their lives ruined.

The staff at E.O Green had a hard time deciding what to do with Larry’s situation (Setoodeh 43). “How to balance his self right to expression while preventing it from distracting others” proved to be more difficult than they thought (Setoodeh 43). Larry began to push his rights as far as he could take them (Setoodeh 43). Larry was a problematic child and began to harass other boys in school; “in the locker room he would tell them ‘you look hot’” (Setoodeh 43). These incidents caused him to get switched into a different gym class as a preventative notion (Setoodeh 43). On other occasions Larry would talk to the “popular boys” in lunch and talk like a girl(Setoodeh 43). Larry would also go up to boys in the hallway and tell them “you know you want me [ … ]”(Setoodeh 44). In February Larry’s grades started to drop from all the attention he was getting (Setoodeh 45). “’He was like Brittany Spears, says one...
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