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  • Published : September 13, 2011
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Summary:   Discusses the Australian film, The Castle. Explores how Australia is depicted in the film. Provides a plot summary.

The Castle conveys a variety of messages about Australia. This is primarily done through the experiences of the members of the Kerrigan family, a typical Australian family .For the Kerrigan's, every day is a good day because it is nurtured by the seeds of love, gratitude, and reverence. Although others in the drama look down their noses at this family, they possess the greatest gift of all, a truly happy family life. Throughout this film many messages are put forward about Australia so that by the end of the film we are left with a feeling that we understand the little world in which this family lives, and we could watch them through and assortment of adventures. I think one of the main messages about Australia conveyed in The castle is the fact that Australians are not terribly materialistic and in general are quite simplistic. They appreciate the simple positive things in life no matter how unimportant or visually unappealing they may be to others. Darryl Kerrigan views the world in a unique way. He looks at the humming power lines above his house and instead of seeing a cancer threat; he sees a symbol of human progress. In a way the entire story line of the castle reflects the view of Australians as being simple and straight forward. The slender plot is basically as simple as a children's book.

This uncomplicated plot however leads to a much easier understanding of the messages being conveyed in the film Australians are shown as being the typical family next door people. The Kerrigan's aren't what you would call sophisticated, nor are they well educated; the proudest moment of Darryl's life was when Tracy earned her degree in hair dressing from Sunshine Tech. But all in all they are lovely people, the kind you'd love to have as neighbors, except that being their neighbors would mean that you would live directly under the flight...
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