The Castle Essay

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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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The Castle is an Australian film based on the Kerrigan Family, who live at 3 Highview Crescent, Coolaroo. Dale narrates the film, first stating, “I’m Dale Kerrigan, and this is my story.” Darryl is an upbeat working class Australian. He is a tow truck driver and is the proud husband and father of four children. The eldest son, Wayne is in prison for 8 years for armed robbery. He is a good guy, but got in with a bad crowd. Middle son Steve is constantly reading The Trading Post hunting for good deals and trades. “Hey dad, four ergonomic chairs for sale,” he boasts. “How much do they want for them,” says Dad. “One fifty.” “They’re dreamin’,” sais Dad. This scene is repeated throughout the film to more and more ridiculous items. Steve is also what Dad calls ‘an idea man’, constantly building inventions of dubious value. Youngest son Dale serves mainly as the narrator. The daughter, Tracy is a graduate of the Sunshine Tech hairdressing college and recently returned from her honeymoon in Thailand with her kick-boxing husband. Dale is constantly pestering them about the movies they saw on the plane. Darryl positively dotes on his wife Sal who is constantly ‘beautifying’ their house with her handicrafts. He seizes every opportunity to compliment her, especially about her cooking. When being served dinner, Darryl exclaims “Wow, what is it?” “Chicken,” she states. “Yes, but what are these sprinkles on it?” “Seasoning” “Seasoning!! Well everyone’s kicked a goal tonight!” Dale boldly reports that during mealtimes, “the television is definitely turned down.” But certianly what Darryl is most proud of, is their home which is located at 3 Highview Crescent, Cooloroo, which he built himself. He is constantly adding additions but tends to start another project before finishing the last one. It is located right next to the local airport runway. The Kerrigan family is happy. Wayne keeps a picture of the house in his cell. "I reckon we're the luckiest family in the world,"...
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