The Case Study of Ted Bundy

Topics: Antisocial personality disorder, Psychopathy, Abnormal psychology Pages: 4 (1412 words) Published: November 28, 2011
The Case Study of Ted Bundy
Theresa Matson
November 7, 2011
Nichelle J. Gause, LPC, NCC

The Case Study of Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was a charismatic, handsome person, while at the same time he was a pathological liar and one of the country’s worst serial killers. His life was headed for trouble from very early on, an unstable home life, interest in crimes, killing and sexual assault, and feeling alone and forgotten. His low socioeconomic status was cause for concern for him and his inability to understand how to form friendships or relationships, unless they had something to offer him. He was a master manipulator and used his above average intelligence to get whatever he wanted. His behavior, emotions, and cognitive functions all pointed to problems early on and continued to grow as he aged. Biologically he was predisposed according to facts about his grandfather and grandmother, which could have been genetic. In adulthood finding the political arena a social group that he could fit into, allowed him to manipulate, lie and be deviant without standing out. A failed romantic encounter may have started the killing spree. His claim up until his death was always that he was innocent, but hours before his execution he did admit to some of the murders. In the end he was diagnosed as a class one psychopath and had antisocial personality disorder. He finally met his demise at the Florida State Prison at the age of 42 (Meyer, Chapman, & Weaver, 2009) .

Although his father was unknown and his mother did not drink, smoke or do drugs, his disorder may have started with genetics handed down from his grandparents. His grandmother received electroconvulsive therapy for severe depression and feared leaving her home in later years. His grandfather by some reports was a tyrannical bully, a bigot, beat his wife and dog, and sometimes spoke aloud to unseen presences. He also kept a large stock of pornography that Ted was allowed to peruse for...
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