The Case Study of George Tenet

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  • Published : July 29, 2012
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PAD 500
November 16, 2011
Case Study of George Tenet

George Tenet was the director of the central Intelligence Agency from 1997 to 2004; it was a very trying time for the Clinton and Bush administration. Tenet would cover many things in his career and that would have a major impact on the terrorist attacks of September 11 and U.S. invasion of Iraq. There were many intelligence directors that sever before him, but none that were more establish or had a drive for controversy. During George Tenet career, he played a big role in many events, such as invasion of Iraq and reorganization of the nation’s intelligence. Tenet involvement with the White House decision making, intelligence priorities, and his own agency kept him occupied (DANIELSON).

George Tenet dealt with many cross coded ethical dilemmas, which were in violation of national and international human rights. He was also faced with ethical dilemmas and his dishonest to the

People within the government. Tent was a laissez for Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Yasser Arafat was an ethical concern to the United States. His involvement with those ethical dilemmas left a bitter impression on his effectiveness in more ways than one. When the CIA administrator chooses to act as laissez faire among Israeli prime minister and Yasser Arafat, some of his affiliates inside of his administration did not see it in a positive way. Tent always acts as though he was the best man for his position. This imperils his authority since people begin to question his leadership (DANIELSON) . There were many ways in which Tent would speak out about prioritization of ethical concerns. One way he made sure that the policies were implemented and not made at the CIA. Tent was the go to man for Yasser Arafat and the Israeli’s prime minister; he would speak on prioritization of ethical concerns, stating that they were the only entity sides that they both could trust. By him making such a statement made both sides...
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