The Case of the Mexican Crazy Quilt

Topics: Employment, Team, Recruitment Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: September 4, 2012
Case 5 Analysis: The Case of the Mexican Crazy Quilt

Submitted by:
Torcal, Giellan Eunice L.
Yrad, Jenesis T.
Hsieh, Jeemily A.
Tubosa, Mark Anthony
Rosales, Gillian M.
Torres, Matthew Rex
Trumata, Daniel

Submitted to:
Dr. Mirabelle J. Engcoy
Subject Professor

Date Submitted:
September 3, 2012
Main Problem:
* There was no assurance of having back the same position in the company to the project team members whom were part of the institution already if ever the Operation Mexicano Project is done. Objectives:

* To have an alternative solution of giving the former project team members another job which is not contractual.

Alternative Courses of Action (ACA):
i. Offer a position under the newly finished project which is compatible with the job description and expertise of the workers. Advantage:
* The project team members who were unfortunate enough to keep their job will be able to start anew. Disadvantage:
* There is no assurance of getting the same position that they had in their previous work at Linderman Industries for a reason that there are already some Mexican employees being assigned to certain jobs in the company.

ii. Offer a monetary incentive provided that it will be a foundation for them to make their own business or look for another job. Advantage:
* They will have an additional capital to begin a
* Additional cost for the company to incur.

iii. Recommend them to other business firms.
* The company will be able to lessen the no. of excess employees. Disadvantage:
* Not all of them will be able to have a job if ever there is a lack of establishments which hire competitive workers. Recommendation:
* The group would like to recommend the first ACA (alternative course of action) wherein the company would take action of offering a position under the newly finished project which is compatible with the job description and expertise of the workers....
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