The Case of Spelunkers

Topics: Decision making, Human, Morality Pages: 3 (1135 words) Published: November 17, 2011
Spelunkers Case

The surviving members of Spelunkers should not be charged with murder based on the dire circumstance they faced and the decision they made under time pressure by their inner drivers of human nature. Four members of Spelunkers went on expenditure to climb mountain and ended up with exploring cave instead. Unfortunately, they were trapped in the cave without any food supplies because they only prepared sufficient food supplies for the mountain-climbing. After being desperately waiting for starving to death, they made an emotional disturbing decision and agreed upon that they would kill and eat one of the members for the last resort; as a result, they did kill one of the members and eat him, and three Spelunkers survived afterwards.

When people are facing life and death issues and strive to rise above dire circumstances, such as situation the Spelunkers were facing, they have to make dreadful decisions that sometimes are horrible and emotional disturbing to people without having been through the same situation. It is the basic human behavior for a person strives to survive under the dire circumstance, the Spelunkers, as common people facing the dire circumstance, made a reasonable effort to come out that decision to survive under the limited resource and information, along with the presence of time constraints; therefore the surviving Spelunkers should not be charged with murder based on the consequence of their decision.

One of the dire circumstance is the one Spelunker were under—four people were going to starving to death in any minute, there is absolutely no any food supplies and water and death was a few steps away. They could just desperately wait there and do nothing while death is approaching one step closer at every breath they took; they could be gone insane and killed each other within the next minute of dreadful waiting. It is obviously that all of them must die in either of those two scenarios, only we do not know who was going...
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