The Case of Lisa

Topics: Psychology, Therapy, Psychotherapy Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Course: CSL 686
Counseling Theories and Interventions
Instructor: Lauren Shure

Case conceptualization 1: The case of Lisa

Dana Smith

The therapy approach in the case of Lisa will be Existential Therapy

a. Presenting Problem: What are the specific areas of concern? What are the specific symptoms?

Lisa seems to be having difficulties dealing with past issues and in addition she seems to be experiencing difficulties in the present, both situations have lead her to develop symptoms of depression as well as severe anxiety. The depression symptoms are clearly described: she stated being increasingly unhappy, feelings of dissatisfaction in her marriage, frustration with her children, thoughts of suicide and intrusive and repetitive thoughts; repetitive thoughts are often OCD symptom but they43 also fits in depression and anxiety disorders. Sometimes intrusive thoughts can be related to ADHD, which would make sense and would explain her learning process slower in comparison with her siblings. I think it’s important that Lisa focuses in dealing with her current problems such as her husband disability and the new role that she has in her family, as well as with past issues that might be impeding her to move on and properly deal with her current living situation.

b. Process of problem formation as conceptualized by the specific theory: How is that client arrived at this mental state?

I believe that Lisa has been driven to this mental state due to several factors; the fact that she has never felt fully approved by her father plays a big role in the formation on the problem. Another trigger of the depression might be the passing from one stage in her live to another (change of role in her marriage and family life), dealing with disappointment in her marriage and frustration with her children. Being raised in a conservative family with...
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