The Case of Diane Fleming

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The Case Of Diane Fleming

Diane Fleming , a native of Colorado born in 1957. At the age of 4 she moved to Missouri and was

raised on a farm. As a teenager Diane became preganant with her first child by her first husband, only to

leave that marriage and marry again. While in her second marriage she had another son, who soon she later

divorced. As a grown adult Diane decided to move to Virginia, where she had place an ad in the paper in

1989 looking for companionship. Chuck Fleming responded to that ad and that was how the two met. The

couple later then married and the gave birth to another child, a little girl in 1993. The couple seemed to be

happy which each other. Chuck worked for Phillip Morris as a maintenance mechanic, while Diane was a

Sunday school teacher and soccer mom. Chuck Fleming was known to be a very active man for his age at 37.

He was into body building and he played basketball about four times a week. For years Chuck had been

using dietary products to mixed with his sport drinks.

On June 11, 2000 Chuck went out to play some basketball. When he came home on this hot summer

day he had drank one of the gatorades that him and his wife mixed creatine in the night before. This

particular sunday was Chuck's first time consuming the creatine product. Later on that day Chuck decided to

go to bed early becasue he wasn't feeling well. Then next day when he went to work, Chuck left early

because he was feeling ill and returned home. When Chuck returned home his condition had got worse so

they decided to take him to Chippenham Medical Center. Soon after his arrival at the hopsital his condition

has rapidly worsened. He had been given Ativan at the hosptial because he combative and confused, from

there is when he slipped into coma and he was prenounced dead the next day.

After they did Chuck's autospy it was revealed that his cause of death was acute...
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