The Case of an Operating Room Nurse Who May Have Hiv/Aids

Topics: Health care, Health care provider, Patient Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: August 27, 2012
Every nurse should be knowledgeable about the prevention, testing, treatment, and chronicity of the disease in order to provide high-quality care to people with or at risk for HIV. It's important, therefore, to have an understanding of the changing epidemiology of the disease, the most recent testing recommendations, development in screening technology, the implications of aging with HIV infection, and the nursing implications of the ongoing epidemic. What could be a mission or vision of the Community Medical Center that would guide the president in his decision about the case of an operating room nurse who may have HIV/AIDS. What could be the decision and how will the decision be communicated to the physicians, employees, to the board, and the public. The decision should be who are HIV-antibody positive notify patients about their HIV status in advance of their performing "exposure prone procedures." The guideline calls on hospitals and other healthcare institutions to form special panels to determine which medical procedures would warrant a physician's disclosure of his or her HIV status to patients. This decision should be communicated in the form of rules imposed upon physican and other health care workers. The Community Medical Center mission should be to explore the common causes of occupational exposure of nurses in the operating room, for the reasons put forward a program of effective protection measures. The type of exposure on the statistical frequency and implementation of labor protection the results may regulate only 37.5% of the normal rate of prevention, the utilization rate of 50% of protective equipment, sharps properly manage 80%. Nurses in the operating room are facing a serious threat, so that strengthening Nurses operating room safety, improve protection capacity, and reduce the risk of occupational exposure medical work became a major problem at work. It anonymously, to understand the types and frequency of occupational exposure...
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