The Case Against Tipping

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  • Published : June 21, 2011
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The Case Against Tipping

Pro | Con
1) It is a good reason to give good service. 1) You spend more money. 2) Good tip is appreciated. 2) Employers do not pay a decent wage. 3) Efficient Service. 3) Pool Tipping. 4) Ready Cash. 4) Not Dependable Income. 5) No Tax. 5) No Tax Refund.
Yes / But
Yes, But Tipping is a way of saying thank you for the nice friendly and courteous service to the waiter or waitress or the employee of the establishment. In a lot circumstances if you had a good time and received good service they will remember the tip that you give, every time they see you. But on the other side I agree that people should not expect a tip for doing there every day job, for instance when you get into a cab for a ride and they charge you a few dollars for entering, then the meter just keeps flipping even at a red light. Another is the barber who charges $10 or more for a fifteen minute hair cut.


The main issue is a lot of people think that if they see a tip cup in a Wawa or a Dunking Donuts then they have to tip or put their change into the cup so they do. I would never tip anyone for doing a job that they are being paid to do. To me it is begging the customer to pay them what they feel the employer is not paying. I believe that if the employer allows that kind of thing at the checkout, I will never go back to that establishment. I will tip when I go to a restaurant or a sit down bar, I...
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