The Car Salesman

Topics: Automobile, A Good Thing Pages: 5 (1736 words) Published: February 9, 2013
It's hot, Too damn hot to be in this cheep suit, he thinks to himself as he leans against the large glass window, pulling out another Marlboro Red. Its Saturday, a day that usually means a lot of potential buyers. But in Charleston, SC, in mid July, it just means the hottest day of the year. Adam puts the smoke between his lips and looks through the window inside the dealership at the brand new Camaro. Wishing he could afford one he thinks about the engagement ring hidden under his spare tire in his trunk, the one he bought with the commission from the Camaro he just sold two weeks ago. Adam lights the smoke and looks out at the balloons by the road, the ones he spent 2 hours filling earlier that morning. He can't help but think how corny they look. But he supposed they fit perfectly with the cheep suits, greasy hair and high pressure that comes with a car dealership.

"There's an Up [customer]." Says Jessie, a fat worthless human being. Adam doesn’t know how Jessie got this job but was sure he wouldn't be around much longer. "I just lit my Cigarette, it's your rotation anyway," but Jessie was already walking inside saying something about having to take a shit. Adam throws down the smoke and rubs it out with his new black dress shoes. He steps out of the protection of the shade and into the searing heat. The heats not so bad, it’s the humidity. Adam felt like was back in Iraq with the pants and long sleeve shirts mandated, making the heat worse. The only difference is he was once defending freedom, now his job is to manipulate, deceive and essentially steel.

As he approached the woman who was out of her car and looking into windows of the cheaper cars already, Adam went through the very standard, very rehearsed dialogue in his head. The interaction was brief. She was a recently divorced single mother, here with her sister, looking for something reliable. They test drove a few cars and found one she liked. Convinced he had her in a car she would work for, Adam lead her to the building. He was very careful to remember all his "ruthless salesman" training and lead her without looking back. He even went against his personal morals and didn’t hold the door open for her on the way in.

In his office he was able to start the trawling process. With a shuffle of papers and polite formalities Adam was able to come to an conclusion as to what she would be willing to pay, and what she would be able to pay. He took this information to Chris, the floor manager. Chris is an alpha dog, charismatic and evil, the perfect car salesman. Maybe a cokehead, or just naturally manic, neither would surprise Adam. Chris once told him that he used to be a thief, stealing cars, holding people up and the like. But now he robs people with a four square and a pen, "gimmie all your money!" Adam thought that was funny and almost true. Chris tells Adam to entertain the lady while he runs a credit check, 5-10 minutes tops.

Back in his office he talks to the lady the same way he has learned to talk to so many other newlyweds, teens, seniors, and business professionals interested in buying a car. He half listens and fully engages facial expression, learned by watching Chris. So as the lady is telling about her 7 year old daughter, financial situation, and dead beat ex-husband, Adam is looking at the new cards he just got in. The ones on his desk, the ones that say Marathon Chevrolet: Adam Scott, Sales Consultant. He lets his mind fall back on his car trunk and why he got this job in the first place. Just out of the Army, he was smoking weed living with his girlfriend, collecting unemployment. Adam needed to contribute, he needed to contribute to society. So he took any job he could, and decided early on to engage 100 percent in whatever he was going to do. But to succeed in selling cars, you need to lie a little.

The lady in front of Adam seemed to notice the lack of attentiveness and so...
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