The Car Man

Topics: Dance, Love Affair, The Table Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: December 6, 2011
In the Matthew Bourne dance drama "The Car Man," the set takes place in the small town called Harmony around the 1960s. In Harmony the characters known as Dino the owner of Dino's diner and garage, his wife Lana, her sister Rita, Angelo, and Luca the drifter perform a dance sensation evolving around a small town filled with passion, violence and betrayal. The characters Luca and Lana stood out as the chemistry and steamy love affair between them intensifies during an intimate and energetic duet portraying a loose and flirtatious woman (Lana) who desperately seeks the attention of the Luca.

The duet begins with Lana kneading dough on the table at the diner as she teases and flirts with the other workman from Dino's Garage. Lana dance flirtatiously around the diner to gain Luca attention the mutual seduction begins. She moves her arms like a butterfly flapping its wings when it fly's around and round as she tries to gain the attention of Luca. Lana looks at Luca but he just seems to ignore her, so Lana dances with the workman who firmly lifts her up in the air to show her importance. Luca then seductively walks up behind her putting his arms around her waist as she try to resists him, but sooner than later she gives in to temptation. His embrace become more forceful shaped by the rough caress of wind and water as he grabs her by the waist lifting her body in the air. Lana begins to seize the moment staring in a daze, Luca leaps onto the table pulling her onto the table as well. The Embrace of each other touch and body language as they're making passionate love looks like a wild beast tangled in a net as dance on the table then down to the floor. During this transformation between Lana’s and Luca’s body lusting all over each other the lighting turns red which could resemble the love affair between the two. Dancing from start to finish the hidden language of their hearts, Lana's and Luca's body rhythm flow in beautiful sequence as their arms and legs sway around...
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