The Caption for Baderman Island Resort

Topics: Business terms, Random act of kindness, The Guest Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: May 30, 2012

Relax, enjoy,and indulge is the caption for Baderman Island resort. The original intent for the creation of the resort was to save an organic region on Kelsey Island. The resort was founded in 1994 and open to the public in 2004. The management team of Baderman began with a challenge of creating a vision, mission, and goals for the venture. The mission and value of Baderman Island reflects a company with one main concern, the customers experience. The Mission statement of Baderman Island “ To manage leisure and convention focused resorts that provide a unique and quality experience to guest and visitors.” This is by offering premium services to the guest that will make it an all in one experience, in which the guest needs are meet on site. Management team of Baderman Island relays this mission through the empowerment given to staff. This empowerment allows staff to ensure the customer experience is above exceptions. Random acts of kindness shown to the guest by staff can become the one factor that sets the resort apart from any other. Badermans Island is inclusive with price ranges from low to high and guest are the same with same amenities as well as the same acts of kindness. The management team shows they value their clients, thoughts,opinions,and suggestions through blogs. The blog allows guest and employees to comment on all areas of the resort. Management makes use of these blogs by reviewing and taking into consideration areas for improvement and areas of opportunities. Relax, enjoy,and indulge remains as the company motto and offer the best experience possible. The management staff of Baderman island has several items in place to ensure customer satisfaction today and in the future. Baderman island customers remain the focal point the island will continue to thrive.

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