The Canterbury Tales: The Tabard Inn

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  • Published : January 9, 2011
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The Canterbury Tales: The Tabard Inn
In the Canterbury Tales, written by Geoffery Chaucer, the Tabard Inn is an extremely important setting. This is where the pilgrimage to Canterbury starts. This short essay will summarize and analyze every aspect of the Tabard inn in order to paint a picture of the setting in the readers mind. The Tabard Inn is an actual inn in Southwark, a town south of London. In one season, and on one particular day, Chaucer happens to go to this inn. From there, he is getting ready to go a religious pilgrimage, Canterbury. On the same night that he is in the Tabard, he sees around 29 other people walking into the same inn. He realizes that all these folks are also there to go on a pilgrimage, and to the same pilgrimage that he was headed towards: Canterbury. Then, he shifts his attention from the pilgrims and looks around and describes the inn. He explains that the rooms were large and comfortable, having good service for its customers. When the sun has set, briefly mentions that he converses with the other pilgrims. We can infer that he has talked to them about joining them in the pilgrimage. He also comments that he will be waking up early in the morning to set off on his pilgrimage with the others. We can be certain that the narrative’s first setting was the Tabard inn, and extremely important setting it was. If this place did not exist, then the pilgrims and the author could never have met, and so I would not be here analyzing this piece of literature, for it would not have existed! From the descriptions given of the Tabard Inn, we can feel that it was small, comfortable, and cozy place, just like any motel now. The author describes the Tabard in positive way, although not emphasizing its greatness. He also moves quickly from one idea to another, as though recounting every memory he has of the Tabard Inn. He uses simple words and phrases, yet they truly portray the setting and the plot about to take place in the rest of the tale.
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