The Canary Islands Presentation

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The Canary Islands is a group of seven volcanic origin islands, located on the north western coast of Africa (Maroko) and they are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. They are in the same geographical level with Sahara desert and they abstain two and a half hours from the main part of Spain, in which they belong to since 1495.(that doesn’t make the local population really happy!)

Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hiero are the seven large islands that consists the group.

In Canary Islands people say that there are seven different islands that are like seven different worlds. Actually, it is true that these seven islands are not alike to each other. The volcanic activity of the past, in which they own their existence, has created a most peculiar landscape on each island. The volcanic scenery is one of Canary Islands characteristics. You can find craters, volcanic cones, volcanic bays with brilliant black volcanic sand, gigantic cliffs, mysterious rocks, peaceful beaches, endless expanses of dunes, grottos and natural swimming pools. The coasts that take shape in the islands are blessed with vast sandy beaches full of outstanding reefs and bays. There are also many cliffs and steep rock faces around some islands. In Canary Islands exists the tallest mountain in Spain, Teide in 3.718 metres high as also Viejo peak (3.100 meteres) and Blanca mountain (2.743 meters). The islands geography and low rainfall ensure that thereare no magor rivers of note. Sea:

The sea of Canary Islands is a place you are sure going to enjoy. The blue, crystal-clear waters around the islands which remain in a temperature around 18 and 23 Celsius degrees throughout the year, makes the perfect conditions for swimmers. Also it provides the best possible conditions for sailind in any size of boat. The cooling trade winds moderate the temperature and at the same time make it possible to make exciting trips...
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