The Canadian National Bank

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Executive Summary

In this case, One of the branch which named The Chatham Branch was the place where a series of incidents occurred. It was a branch with 12 staffs only. Lesley Mahon, has been the manager of customer service at the branch since October 1996, was 24 years old,who graduated from the Honors Business Administration Program at the Richard Ivey School of Business in the Spring of 1996. She expected to work at the branch for 18 months, then she could apply for a position at any other branch of the Canadian National Bank. Pam Stewart, who was a customer service representative with a high school diploma. Those two lady were working together in the branch, but Pam Stewart was the only one who reacted negatively to Lesley while Lesley were wish to get along good with her. During the period of working together, Pam refused to hand in the referrals to Lesley and complained the her new position of switching two jobs with Sarah Wright, who was 45 years old and has been working for Chatham branch for 25 years. After the received a rejection of his request, Pam officially sent a letter to National Committee for Employee Concerns with telling the head office that Lesly was impeding her to pursuit personal improvement.

The underlying issues are leadership, power and influence,motivation and cognitive differences. Alternatives discussed including a meeting with both Lesley and Pam under the direction of the Area Manger of Chatham Region. Offering a chance for Pam to taking some business courses, and hiring a new representative. Fired Pam.

The Customer Service Capacity Management is a system which developed the schedules by head office and then implemented and administered by the manager of customer service at the local branch. All the staffs should respect this agreement if you choose to work there. If there is any concern or complaint between the managers and staffs, communication efficiently and harmoniously should be the most workable way to solve the problems and prevent the conflicts.

Background Information

All the banks that operated in Canada were chartered by Parliament and regulated by the Bank Act. The Bank Act required these banks to be incorporated, to hold adequate bank reserves and to follow a set of general banking rules as their guidelines. One of the six dominant chartered banks in Canada, The Canadian National Bank , offered a full range of commercial, corporate, international, investment, private and retail banking, is the scene of this case which i want to describe and analyse by using the theory of management of organization.

The Canadian National Bank has been introducing several initiatives to in increase the revenues per customer and to decrease the internal costs. One of the major initiatives which was being using to manage the internal resources more efficiently was the Customer Service Capacity Management.It is a system which was designed to create a more cost-effective match of fluctuating customer traffic with the number of customer service representatives scheduled at any given time.

Problem Statement

Lesley Mahon, who was a young manager for the branch and have a strong ambition in her career and an another prospective to increase the work efficiency of the branch had been struggling with the conflicts with Pam Stewart who have a stubborn personality, was insisting on her own job manner. Stand by the side of Pam, she has a sophisticated family situation, her younger teenage daughter just had a baby, and Pam and her husband have no choice of taking care of the child then. Nevertheless, Pam had been creating the difficulty to Lesley. She refused to hand in the referral sheet to Lesley and showed a negative attitude to Lesley in their first meeting. During the period of working together, she was not an open-minded and easygoing staff in the branch to Lesley,she was complained the stress...
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