The Campus Wedding

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The Campus Wedding


DSM Description
In order to solve the Campus Wedding Case Study, the Critical Path Method network-planning model was used.  The Critical Path Method is a procedure for scheduling a project in which activity times are known so single time estimates are used.  The critical path of activities is the sequence of activities in the project that form the longest chain in terms of their time to complete.  This means that if one of the activities on that critical path is delayed, then the whole project is delayed. There are four main steps to the Critical Path Method.  The first step is to identify each activity to be done in the project and estimate how long it will take to complete each activity.  The activities are usually labeled A, B, C, D, etc.  each letter will have a number next to it representing the amount of time the activity will take, usually labeled in days or weeks.  The second step is to determine the required sequence of activities and construct a network reflecting the precedence relationships.  To do this, it is best to first find the immediate predecessors, which are the activities that need to be completed immediately before the next activity.  The predecessors are used to draw the network diagram.  Once the diagram is drawn, the next step is to determine the critical path, which is the path where the sum of the activity times is the longest. The final step is to determine the early start/finish and late start/finish schedule for each activity.  Slack time may occur when there is some leeway in the start and finish time.  The early start and early finish times are written on the upper left and upper right corners respectively of the activity nodes in the diagram.  These are the earliest possible times that the activity can start and finish.  The late start and late finish times are written on the lower left and upper right corners respectively of the nodes. To calculate the early times, start with the first activity and work to the last one.  To calculate the late times, start with the last activity and work back to the first.

Chart of Events
Based on the reading from the case, these are the activities that need to be completed before the wedding. The chart below indicates the activity, the letter used to label that activity, the number of days the activity will take to be completed, and finally the cost of crashing the activity if necessary.

| Activity| Days| Crashing Charges|
A| Church Booking| 1| |
B| Church Notice| 17| 10 days for $100|
C| Church Dec.| 3| |
D| Maid of Honor| 10| 2 days for $500|
E| Choose Cake| 2| |
F| Catering| 10| |
G| Receive Dress Lace| 8| 5 days for $25|
H| Dress Pattern| 3| |
I| Sew Dress| 11| 6 days @ 120 per day|
J| Dress Fitting| 2| |
K| Clean/Press Dress| 2| 1 day for $30|
L| Order Invitations| 12| 5 days for $35|
M| Choose Invitation| 3| |
N| Invitation Lead Time| 10| |
O| Mail Invitations| 1| |
P| Addressing Invitations | 4| 2 days @ $25 per day|
Q| Gifts| 1| |
R| Make Guest List| 4| |
S| Rehearsal Dinner| 1| |

Critical Path Network

The Critical Paths
-Seven paths are created in the above critical path network. They are:
1) Path A-B-C21 Days
2) Path E-F-S13 Days
3) Path Q-S2 Days
4) Path D-J-K14 Days
5) Path H-G-I-J-K26 Days
6) Path M-L-P-O-N30 Days
7) Path R-P-O-N19 Days
-When the late start/early finish is completed to find the critical path, we find that path #6 to be the critical path for this particular case. However, since the wedding needs to be completed in 21 days and path #6 is at 30 days, this path will need to be crashed. Therefore, paths #1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 are the critical paths because they are at 21 days or less and can be completed in the allotted time before the wedding.

- In order to finish all the activities on time,...
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