The Byzantine Empire and Western Europe

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  • Published : March 14, 2012
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The Byzantine Empire and Western Europe

The Byzantine Empire and Western Europe originally were part of the Roman Empire, but by the middle Ages(medieval times), they were very different, even though they did share some common traits, but by the 300's, the Byzantine Empire had far surpassed Western Europe in trade and economics and political unity, while both empires were having arguments over religion. Despite the collapse of the Roman Empire, Europe still stood, separating into two different areas, governed two different ways. Western Europe and the Byzantine Empire had very different government structures. The Western half became Western Europe with popes, and princes ruling at that time. The Eastern half became The Byzantine Empire, ruled by only one ruler. Western Europe was Christian and relied mainly on the teachings of both priests and nuns. The Byzantine Empire relied mainly on its emperor and priests, since they did not believe nuns were not needed in their Christian teachings. Christianity led to a major divide between the two. Clashes were between the Pope and Patriarch over who had more authority and power and over interpretation of practices within the church which eventually lead to the Great Schism. The Christian church split into the Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodoxy Church. Although Western Europe relied on a feudal system for military help, The Byzantine Empire used a system of family-based militaries which was also the same as a feudal system. Several emperors of The Byzantine Empire called for laws and edicts to be made for the empire, and doing so, Western Europe adopted some of these laws and edicts as well. Western Europe and The Byzantine Empire were different because of the way they ruled, and they had some military and governmental similarities. While being similar in a few ways, the two halves of Europe were more different than each other. For example, Western Europe relied mainly on princes and the Pope, to lead the...
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