The Butterfly Effect

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The Butterfly Effect

In “The Butterfly Effect” the main character Evan (played by Ashton Kutcher) has blackouts fairly often and he is instructed by his doctor to keep a journal of events so he can remember them if his mind does happen to go blank. When Evan is a young boy and the blackouts start the first one we are shown as the viewers is when he goes to visit his father in prison. Evan and his father get into an argument in the visiting cell and all of the sudden Evan blacks out and wakes up to his father choking him, saying “he must die, it’s the only way”, hinting that he knows something of Evan’s supernatural ability, what the “future” is to hold for the young boy, or the past. Shortly after the jail scene they story jumps ahead six years to when Evan and his friends are just becoming teenagers and Lenny, Tommy and his sister Kayleigh are introduced into the plot. Tommy is a troubled youth and in the next scene he coaxes his friend Lenny to put a stick of dynamite in one of the neighbor’s mail boxes. The stick of dynamite does not explode for a decent period of time and when the owner and her baby pull into the driveway and go to check the mail Evan blacks out again. When he comes to they are dragging Lenny through the woods and Evan is oblivious to what just happened. Evan, Lenny and Kayleigh are strolling through the woods in the next scene and they stumble upon Tommy who has tied Evan’s dog in a bag and poured lighter fluid on it. In an attempt to free his dog Tommy “accidently” hits his sister Kayleigh in the face with a 4x4 and becomes enraged at Evan, beats him to the ground and he blacks out once again. When Evan comes to Kayleigh is sitting next to him crying and his dog is in front of them in a pile of ashes. Next, the story jumps ahead 7 years and Evan is attending a university, him and his roommate Thumper are going out on the town to celebrate 7 years of no blackouts...
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