The Business Report of the Australian Major Footwear Retailer-Ugg

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The Australian UGG Company

Major Assignment

The business report of the Australian major footwear retailer-UGG

Table of content
1.0. Executive summary4
2.0. Introduction5
2.1. Background of UGG Company5
2.2. Assumptions and limitations5
3.0. Overview of the market5
4.0. The marketing environment5
4.1. The Microenvironment5
4.1.1.Key competitors6
4.1.2.Other environment6
4.2.The Macroenvironment6
4.2.1.Demographic environment6
4.2.2.Economic environment7
4.2.3.Political environment7
4.2.4.Cultural environment7
5.1.The three level of the product7
5.1.1.Core Product8
5.1.2.Actual Product8
5.1.3.Augmented Product8
5.2.Brand, packaging and labeling9
6.0. Target segments9
6.1. Demographic segment—Gender, Age and life-cycle stage segment9 6.1.1.Evaluation the needs and wants of the segment (key users benefit)9 6.1.2.The market positioning of the segment10

6.1.3.The trend of the segment11
6.2. Geographic segment11
7.0.The product categories11
7.1.Evaluation of the categories11
7.2.The trend and development of the categories11
10.0.Reference list13

1. Executive summary
The following report analyses the demographic segment which is classified by gender and age-cycle is targeted by The UGG Company. Firstly, the report briefly describes the background of UGG. Secondly, it shows a general impression of the footwear market and identifies its microenvironment and macroenvironment. Thirdly, it emphasizes the product of UGG and points out the three levels. Fourthly, it judges the two variable segments and illustrates the demographic segment in detail. Then, the report also exhibits its product categories. Finally, it draws a conclusions sum up and gives the recommendations.

The secondary information which has close relationship to marketing is the sources of the report. For example, academic journals, textbook, statistics from formal organizations and company websites and newspaper. There are some assessments to evaluate the field of marketing in The UGG Company after assessing.

There are two main recommendations for The UGG Company to improve its business: 1. UGG should improve marketing information system in order to do some research to satisfy customers’ needs and wants. 2. UGG should utilize sustainable material to produce products aiming at undertaking its social responsibility and gaining reputation.

0. Introduction

2.1. Background of UGG Company
The UGG Company was first established in California by Brian Smith, a young surfer from Australia (Deckers Outdoor Corporation, 2009). It was acquired by Deckers Outdoor Corporation in 1995. Thompson (2004) reports that the sale astonishingly increased from $250,000 to $11.75 million between 2003 and 2004. The brand becomes national and year-round nowadays because of more than 70 shoe styles except its classical-style boots and slippers (Thompson, 2004). He also mentions that the sales project in 2004 was set up at $75 million which was in double growth of 2003’s.

2. Assumptions and limitations
The limitation of the report is not enough adequate information presenting. With the development of globalization, the company should take actions depending on the varied circumstances to have a strong position in its marketplace.

3. Overview of the market
IBISWorld Pty Ltd (2009) defines the footwear retail as a connection between the manufacturing company and customers. It also identifies that the shoe retail is mainly concerned about purchasing and promoting attractive shoes without any change to the customers. Other activities such as customer service, cash handing are also involved...
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