The Business Leader I Admire

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  • Published : April 11, 2012
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The Business Leader I Admire

Without doubts nowadays there are many successful people in business. In my opinion all of them can be admired. But there is only one person that I truly admire. It is Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs was a co-founder and CEO of Apple. Despite the fact that trajectory of his life was not so straight, he managed to become one of the greatest businessman in the history. He had difficulties in his life since he was born. Steve Jobs’ parents gave him for an adoption, as they did not want to have a child. He did not graduate from college, but that was not an obstacle for him in his professional life. Paradoxically Jobs used it as big advantage and focused on design and details of products he introduced to the market.

What I admire Steve Jobs for are his personal traits. Doubtless he was very talented entrepreneur, who was able to foresee needs of market. CEO of Apple was also a trendsetter for market of electronic gadgets. His way of managing created a community of people, who can not live without products with the logo of Apple. On the other hand, Steve Jobs was said to be very demanding perfectionist. Employees of Apple had to deal with his almost dictatorial management.

“Think different”. Those two words characterize his whole life. Steve Jobs was genius. He changed the way we perceive world of computers, mobile phones, music. His resistance in achieving goals, even with fatal disease, is amazing and I think that everyone should take a leaf from his book.
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