The Business Impact of Hr Legislation and Policies

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  • Published : May 9, 2012
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The Business Impact of HR Legislation and Policies

In this essay I will discuss how specific HR legislations ensure good business practice.

Managing the discipline process:

The disciplinary process has been in place for many years, it provides an aid for employers to explain to their employees that their performance is not up to standard. This in turn allows employer and the employee to discuss the improvement that is necessary as well as a chance for the employee to defend any allegations. Once an employee has joined the organisation and started working, a contract has been made. The employee will provide their labour in turn for their wage from the employer; this is the offer and acceptance that forms the basis of a legally binding contract. The employee then has the right to access the terms and conditions of their employment; this is usually contained in the staff handbook along with the organisations policies and procedures. This explains to the employee what level of performance is expected as well as any other rules and regulations that may be relevant to the organisation. It is crucial that the organisation has the terms and conditions of employment documented to ensure that they comply with HR legislation???? It is recognised that ACAS have created a Code Of Practice relating to discipline and grievance procedures in the workplace, this provides the principles that an employer should comply with to ensure that the standard is kept during any disciplinary or dismissal situations as set out in the Employment Act 2008. The employment Act is an Act of Parliament, this includes such things as: the introduction of stricter penalties for breaches of the national minimum wage laws; An extended right for parents to request flexible working and a brand new ACAS code on grievance and discipline. This new legislation promotes employers and employee’s to resolve any problems informally, however it is explained that if this is not possible, the employee...
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