The Bushmen Tribe.

Topics: Bushmen, Sociology, Botswana Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: January 6, 2013
The Bushmen tribe

In this report I am going to look at The bushmen tribe. I am going to gather information on the tribe, and considerer the similarities and differences between their culture and the British culture with which I am familiar. I am going to organize my report according to the topics in Unit 1.

The Bushmen Tribe is the oldest tribe to inhabit Southern Africa they are normally located around the Kalahari Desert and are believed to have occupied it for over 20,000 years. We know they have a variety of different languages, however all of which involves clicking. The Bushmen are hunters and gatherers using weapons such as spears and bows to help them hunt for food. We are told that for a child to be deemed an adult in their society they had to complete a certain task, for the boy it was to kill his first antelope and then skin it. For the girl it was to have her first menstruation. The Tribe believes in two gods one located in the east, the other in the south. The term “Bushmen" is best known referring to the nomadic hunter-gatherer people of the Kalahari Desert of Africa. Also referred to as Kung, San and the Basarwa tribe. The word San means foragers in the Khoekhoe-language and, like Bushmen, it also carries negative connotations of backwardness, low status or even banditry.

If we compare this to our western society, to the shielded bushman tribe we can see many obvious differences in our behavior, our beliefs, and the way the two different societies run. To begin with British culture is one of the most multi cultural societies in the world with many of different religions and authenticities, if compared to the Bushmen tribe we can see that they are all of African decent, however in Britain we have many different ethnic groups living together, Afro-Caribbean, Caucasian, Asian ect. There are also many ways for these diverse groups to distinguish themselves expressing their culture or following their strict religious beliefs. For example...
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