The Burnout Syndrome

Topics: Causality, Stress, Organization Pages: 3 (859 words) Published: November 22, 2010
Organizational Behavior

Executives Under Fire: The Burn Out Syndrome, Article by Morely D. Glicken & Katherine Janka

Achieving a mutual balance between career and personal life can be very challenging. Many workers are finding they are overwhelmed and stress out due to this imbalance. Especially in this current economic downturn, with frequent layoffs, many are having to perform the tasks of one or more employees. In the article “Executives Under Fire: The Burn Out Syndrome” the authors explains “executive burnout” and suggests different ways of dealing and treating the condition. According to the article job burnout is “an adaptation to a variety of job-related and other factors, a clinically observable condition related to bit often very different from just job dissatisfacion or stress.”

There are a variety of factors which may lead to an executive experiencing job burnout. However, according to the article burnout often stems from work overstimulation, work understimulation, personal problems, job mismatch, and low organizational productivity. Although overstimulation is the number one cause of worker burnout; it is not caused by an executive taking on a large amount of tasks and projects. It is when the worker is in an unstable and chaotic work environment. This is where objectives and goals are unclear which may leave executives confused about their duties and responsibilities. On the other hand understimualtion is caused when executives are in positions where they don’t feel challenged. The work becomes monotonous and they are basically bored due to the lack of stimulation and excitement of their tasks. A worker’s personal problems can also cause burnout. Dealing with personal issues such as finances, divorce, job security or even death can most definitely put a great amount of stress on an individual and consequently affect their productivity on the job. The fourth cause of burn out is job mismatch. The article points out that many...
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