The Bullying Issue of Casey Heynes and Richard Gale

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“There are always two sides to an argument therefore Casey is not necessarily the victim”

Dear “The Age”

I am writing to you today in great concern for your most recent article reporting on the bullying issue of Casey Heynes and Richard Gale. It is of my concern that you demonised, publicly humiliated and made a mockery of whom I know as my son. He definitely is not some evil little brat you seemed to have portrayed him as. I believe that your coverage on the whole situation gave Casey an unfair upper hand on the issue, and it only fuelled the dilemma at the expense of my own son.

As you would know (I would assume), there is always to sides to an argument, and that is clearly not what you have shown in your style of writing. Richard made a brave appearance on last week’s episode of ACA and I could only manage to find a mention of the celebrity Casey’s appearance. You made numerous comments, without fail, of Casey’s brave stand up to bullying and did not even take into consideration the trauma and bigotry my son has been experiencing during the lead up of these events. I cannot say my son is completely innocent, but if the rest of the world was to hear his story, they might also want to think twice about their beloved Casey.

Richard has not only had to endure hurtful comments via numerous social networking sites such as facebook, twitter and skype. He has also lost many friends due to this incident, one of which was on his side, until (and he told me this) felt amiss supporting Richard as the rest of the world was against him. If one of his supposable friends couldn’t handle the pressure of being a bystander, how do you think my son feels? I would like to consider him strong, as all he had been through, he is still confident enough to come out publicly and apologise. In what instance has Casey made an apology? From a small punch to the gut to a ground slam that could have potentially disabled my son for life. Where is the fairness in that?...
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