The Bullying Epidemic: the Story of Amanda Todd

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The Bullying Epidemic: The story of Amanda Todd
Logline: Bullying has become an epidemic in the USA and today, more than ever, we are hearing stories in the news about how kids are committing suicide at a younger age due to bullying.

The video starts off with cheerful music and the shots of a small town in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. Shots of the snow and schools and children crossing the street give off the small community feeling. The screen turns black and the following words appear in bold white letters, “It is estimated that 13 million American children are teased, taunted and physically assaulted by their peers, making bullying the most common form of violence our nation's youth experience in 2012. Every day, about 160,000 of American children miss school because of fear of physical and psychological attacks on the basis of their skin color, ethnicity, physical or mental abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity or religion. –USA Today” The cameras go inside of a school and we see students hanging out by the lockers. Camera continues to go to the cafeteria where the viewers just see a bunch of students enjoying their lunch and hanging out. The shot suddenly goes to a girl sitting in a chair, giving a “Confessional”(Confessional is when one person talks directly into the camera to introduce themselves and give of their point of view on a specific situation). There we see a big eyed, dark haired girl. “Hello, I’m Amanda Todd” she says. “I am a victim of bullying” Amanda is 15 and in high school. Amanda begins to tell her story. “In 7th grade, I was having fun with my friends. We went online and went to a video-chat website. I loved meeting new people so we were having fun. We eventually connected to some guy. He didn’t show his face but he didn’t look like a creep. We started to chat with him; he was very nice and was treating us like adults. He told me how I was beautiful I was and perfect my body was. He was flattering me. Not a lot of guys have told me those things before and I didn’t know how to react. He asked me to flash him…you know like my boobs. I was hesitant at first, but I did it. I regret it every single day.”

The camera cuts back to the cafeteria and more specifically, to Amanda. She is alone, her head down and eating by herself. Kids naturally are looking into the camera as it approaches Amanda. The camera man sits down in front of her and the camera is now matching height with Amanda. The camera zooms in to Amanda’s face and we slowly see a tear come down her cheek. The camera cuts back to Amanda in her confessional. She continues her heartbreaking story only this time her eyes begin to water. Her lips are quivering as she has trouble speaking now. “One yea….one year later I am just killing time on Facebook. Suddenly, I get a private message from someone who I didn’t know. He claims that he is the man that I had flashed a year ago. He shows me screen shots of my breasts. He threatens me by saying that if I don’t put on a “show” for him, he will send the pictures to everyone I knew. I was confused. There was no way he knew who I was or any of my friends. He listed them. My friends, family, the school I went too, my address. I was terrified but I didn’t tell anyone because I was embarrassed by my own actions. I thought he would just go away. He didn’t.”

The camera goes back to live shots of inside of the school. There is a brief interview with a young man that shares a few classes with Amanda. He stands in front of his locker before he goes home for the day (For the sake of this treatment, his name is made up). The producer of the documentary asks the young man a few questions. “What is your name?” “Daniel Thompson.” “How old are you?” “I’m 16.” “How do you know Amanda Todd?” “She is in a few of my classes. We aren’t friends but I know her because she’s the new quiet girl. I hear shes weird and doesn’t like to talk to anyone…I don’t know.” The screen turns black and white words...
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