The Bully Essay

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Suicide Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: May 23, 2013
The Bully
A Life Of Torment
K. S

As a child who had to endure being bullied all through middle school, the film “The Bully” was quite impacting. To me, the most impacting story was Tyler Longs. He was a kind-hearted young boy who just so happened to be one of the unlucky few that had to live the life as a victim of being bullied. Day by day he was tortured by his fellow students. They would shove him in lockers, take his clothes while he was in the locker room, and push him into the urinal making him soil himself. His friend Ronan would see him getting bullied and would try to stop the bullies but Tyler would just wave it off, smile, and walk away. But one day the torture had gone too far. Tyler decided to take his own life by means of hanging himself in his closet on October 17, 2009. His father and younger brother witnessed him as he hung there with the life completely gone from his body. The only explanation was a letter on his bed.

Empathy being the ability to understand and share the feelings of others is a quite serious deprivation in our country. No cares to feel others’ pain anymore. This film helps to build empathy for the targets of bullying by telling somber stories of bullying that may or may not have resulted in suicide or suicide attempts. It also gives insight on what is really happening in school and on buses from a student who video tapes everything. The audience of the film would most likely feel the need and want to help those poor, devastated families.

Increasing empathy would help a community reduce the amount of bullying that occurred because it would inform people on what is really going on in their children’s or siblings school environment. People would be more willing to stop the ongoing spread of bullying if they were to actually listen to the tragic stories of the victims and their families. This increased awareness would help the viewers realize what they should look out for when dealing with bullying. The...
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