The Building of the Aswan Dam on the River Nile in Egypt

Topics: Nile, Aswan Dam, Egypt Pages: 4 (841 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Tile hill wood school & language college Geography department GCSE Case Study Revision Guide UNIT 2 – WATER, LANDFORMS AND PEOPLE UNIT 4 – PEOPLE, WORK AND DEVELOPMENT (This case study can be applied to both the units above) The Building of the Aswan Dam on the River Nile in Egypt

In this case study you found that:
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Egypt is a less Economically Developed Country (LEDC) The River Nile is the worlds longest river That flooding occurred every year before the Aswan Dam was built That the dam created many new jobs That the dam provided cheap hydro-electric power(HEP) That often human influence can cause environmental problems even in attempts to solve others.

What is the Aswan Dam?

• A large prestige scheme for Egypt • Built to create more employment opportunities in farming, tourism and secondary • • • • industry To provide irrigation and water supply for a country mostly desert Lake Nassar was created behind the dam To kick start the economy by creating cheap HEP and encourage foreign investment It took 10 years to build and opened in 1970.

What did Egypt hope to achieve through building the dam?
• • • • • •
To stop the Nile flooding every year To allow more land to be farmed to create more food for a growing population Water could be stored behind the dam in Lake Nasser for water supplies all year To produce cheap electricity To keep the river navigable all year To allow stocking of fish in the lake to improve peoples diet and create fishing jobs.

It is not difficult to produce a sketch map in the exam if you are asked to. The one below can be learned easily and produced in three or four minutes. You could then add any other labels the answer requires, always remember not to make your sketch maps too small.

Red Sea

Did the scheme work?

Yes the dam did control the floods, did result in more food grown and did create jobs.

Yes unfortunately there were many, and some of the most serious could not have easily been predicted....
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