The Budget Message 2012 (Critique Paper)

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The Budget Message 2012 (Critique Paper)

By | October 2011
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Professor, MPA 501

26 Aug 2011

President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III submitted the proposed National Budget of P1.816 trillion for 2012 to the Congress just a day after delivering the SONA. Dubbed as Results-Focused Budget, it ensures that the hard-earned money of the people is spent on programs, projects and activities that benefit them the most.

In his budget message to the 15th Congress, the National Budget for 2012 seeks greater focus in funding and fulfilling the vision, priorities and results-oriented programs identified in the Social Contract: anti- corruption and good governance, poverty reduction, economic growth, peace initiatives and rule of law and lastly, environmental protection. He affirms with conviction that proposed programs and projects are able to respond to immediate and pressing needs of people while making sure that the long-term agenda are on track. Consultative process was observed in the formulation of this budget- clearly showing it is biased for the poor.

Through this budget, our president is steering the government towards a clear direction where opportunity is available to everyone, where everyone’s sacrifices are rewarded, where those who do wrong are held accountable and where those in need are helped.

The President’s Budget Message for Fiscal Year 2012 is focused on the following 5 key areas: I. ANTI-CORRUPTION AND GOOD GOVERNANCE
* Funding to fight against corruption
This administration is committed to pursue closure on unsolved large- scale and notorious cases. An increased budget of the Sandiganbayan is set to help primary graft courts to fast track disposition of 3 ,546 pending cases of corrupt officials.

* Making government more open
There will be online disclosure by departments including LGUs and other agencies of detailed information on their budget, their targets,...

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