The Bucket Rider Opinion Essay

Topics: Poverty, Short story, Woman Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: November 12, 2012
The Bucket Rider opinion essay
In “the Bucket Rider”, the writer used lots of surreal elements to make it more interesting and catch the reader’s attention. This makes the short story more thoughtful. It says “I ride off on the bucket”; “he has opened the door to let out the excessive heat”; and “my bucket has all the virtues of a good stead except power of resistance, it’s too light, a woman’s apron can make it fly through the air”.

First of all, the writer says “I ride off on the bucket”. This is definitely a surreal element. People put food, and other items in the bucket, but nobody would ride on the bucket. The bucket has no power, it’s not electrical equipment, and of course it’s impossible to add coal to make it fly. Also in the short story, it says “I propel myself with difficulty down the stairs; but once down below my bucket ascends, superbly, superbly; camels humbly squatting on the ground do not rise with more dignity, shaking themselves under the sticks of their drivers”. From here, it shows that the bucket fly like an airplane, it can goes up and down, slow and fast. In fact, it tells the readers how poor he was. The weather is freezing, but he doesn’t have a heater, he cannot even go buy coal, so he dreams he is flying on the bucket.

Second of all, “he has opened the door to let out the excessive heat”. Here, he represents the dealer. From the begging of the short story, it tells the weather is terrible, and it’s freezing outside. The dealer opens the door the let out the excessive heat, not the window. Nobody would open the door at that terrible weather. The only reason to explain this is the dealer’s house is very warm, they won’t even feel a litter bit cold if they open the door. It shows that the dealer represents rich people. They have everything at home, and they can choose to share them or waste them.

The last one is “my bucket has all the virtues of a good stead except powers of resistance, which it has not; it’s too light, a...
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