The Bucket List

Topics: The Bucket List, Difference, Similarity Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: January 31, 2013
“The Bucket List”

“The Bucket List” is a movie about Edward Cole, a wealthy man, and Carter Chambers, a poor mechanic. They are totally opposite of each other, but when they both appear in hospital beds, they become friends. Both of them decide to travel around the world and see what is going around them. While they travel, they talk about their daily lives and business, at home. Then Carter suddenly remembers his wife, Virginia and leaves back to his hometown. Carter and Edward are different and similar in many ways. Also, identifying literary devices/elements is really important, because it makes everything more lucid, more specific and bold. Carter and Edward have lots of similarities. While they lay in hospital beds, they both decide to see the world. They both like traveling and both plan the bucket list before they “kick the bucket.” Another similarity is that they both have similar illnesses, which is cancer. After both of these two men’s death, they are burned into ashes and are buried on the summit of Mt. Everest. Even though they have some similarities, they also have a lot of differences. There are a lot of differences between Carter Chambers and Edward Cole. Edward is a wealthy, proud millionaire, but Carter, the mechanic, is a smart and helpful person. One other difference is that Carter has a family, wife and kids, but Edward was married and divorced four times and does not have a family, but only one daughter, that is not in peace with him. While being in the hospital, Carter’s wife, Virginia, and his daughter visit Carter, but Edward is lonely and the only visitor he gets is “Tommy”-his personal assistant. When both men were very ill and almost ending their lives, Carter died first, and after him went Edward. These men were friends for only about two months and they both got to know each other, and Carter was the one that made Edward’s life more smooth and peaceful. Some of the literary devices/elements that are used in this movie are very...
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