The Brotherhood of Darkness

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution, Natural law Pages: 142 (33506 words) Published: December 19, 2012
The Brotherhood of Darkness –
A Treatise on The Current System of Control in America
vs. A True and Honest Republic

How Individual Power and Free Choice is Taken From American Natural Born state Citizens and How to Take it Back

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"The State...both in its genesis and by its primary intention, is purely anti-social. It is not based on the idea of natural rights, but on the idea that the individual has no rights except those that the State may provisionally grant him." Albert Jay Nock (Our Enemy, the State)

Abstract - One Sentence: The current hierarchy of control used in America is debased on force & deception vs. a true & honest republic based on individual power & free choice; take away this force and the current dynasty melts and a golden age of true and honest individual freedom and liberty begins.

Jack Venrick -






Abstracts –
Table of Contents
A. One Paragraph
B. One Page C. One Page Bullets
Current Hierarchy of Control in America
View 1&2 - Current Hierarchy Begets a Cascade of Taking Property Debased On Force & Deception View 3 - Current Hierarchy of Top Seven Crime Groups Exploiting Individual Unalienable Rights View 4 – How the Books Were Cooked

View 5 – The “Unseen” Collateral Damage of Government Administrative Cereal Agencies Using Forced Compliance View 6 – State of Washington Department of Ecology 2 Year Budget View 7 - The Global To Local Government & Non Government Colluding Agenda and Property Taking Funding Paradigm View 8 - Hierarchy of Current Era of Global Manipulation by De Facto Lawmaking Using Force View 9 - The Vicious Cycle of Tyranny by the Corporate State View 10 - The Lifetime Costs of Government & Bank Extortion on Property Owners A True & Honest Hierarchy of American Independent States

View 1 - True & Honest Free Republics are Based on Love - NOT Fear, Attack, Divisiveness & Intimidation View 2 & 3 - A True & Honest Hierarchy of American Independent States View 4 - A True & Honest American Natural Born/Naturalized Hierarchy of INDIVIDUAL Power View 5 - Individual Sovereignty Firewall in a True & Honest Republic View 6 - A True & Honest Republic Based on Individual Power vs. Elite Rule by Force Democracy How Individual Free Choice Returns The Power To The Rightful Owner View 1 - How Power Was Transferred From Natural Born Individual to Artificial Political Legal Fiction Municipal Corporations View 2 - The Vicious Global to Local Municipal Cycle

View 3 – More + Less + Free Choice = Limited Government
Reasons Why “Representative” Systems of “Government” Inherently Destroy Individual Free Choice View 1, 2, 3 & 4 – Reasons Why “Representative” Systems of Government Inherently Destroy Individual Free Choice The Top 10 Characteristics of Bottom-Up vs. Top-Down Societies The Evolution of Self Rule – Systems of Centralized Force Evolving to Individual Power Breaking Out of Municipal Corporation Political Subdivision Prison Camps in America “The law of justice is

Legitimate vs. Illegitimate Sources of “Public” Revenue in a True and Honest Republic - View 1 the one only law that
View 2 – How the Con Game Works
does not violate "our
View 3 – Individual vs. Corporation Tax Collections
liberty." And that is
View 4 – Individual vs. Corporation % of Wages/Revenue Taxes Paid NOT a law that was
American Natural Born/Naturalized Individual Shield of Unalienable Rights made by the
Democratic Dynasties vs. True and Honest Limited Republics - View 1 & 2 lawmakers. It existed
The Fraud of Licensing Individual Unalienable Rights
before they were born,
Summary of Findings of 6 Years of Research
and will exist after they
What Must Be Done

Must Read To Believe - How Individual Sovereignty And Power Have Been Taken by Force XVI.
Extracts from “Hologram of Liberty” by Kenneth W. Royce, published by Javelin Press XVII....
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