The Broken Globe Plot

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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PART I: Learning/Personality Summary Chart

|Learning Style |I am best described as: |My strengths are: |I learn best by: | |VAK Learning |Kinesthetic/physical |Doing things, visualization | Seeing then doing, trial by error | |Multiple Intelligences|Body/kinesthetic |Visualization |Hands on work | |Analytical vs. |Relational |Seeing the “big picture” |Perceiving information | |Relational | | | | |Myers-Briggs type |Extraversion, sensing, feeling, perceiving |Talking and listening, good at | Demonstrating and doing | |indicator | |precise work, | | |Learning Style |Feeling, concrete experience |Getting things done, decision |Knowing how things work, working | |Inventory | |making, problem solving |with small groups | |Summary Statement of learning style: I seem to learn best when I’m able to see what I’m supposed to do and am able to try it out. I tend to | |view the big picture of things, and am good at talking and listening. | | |

PART II: Personal Mission Statement and Class Adaptations Essay:

In the development of my personal mission statement, I took a number of inventories and

tests to determine my style of...
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