The Broken Boot

Topics: Thought, English-language films, Psychology Pages: 2 (883 words) Published: April 25, 2011
The story under consideration is written by John Galsworthy. The title is “The broken boot”. The story is built round 2 main personages: the actor, Gilbert Caister and his old acquaintance Bryce-Green. The title attracts my interest. What is “The broken boot” about? When I read the title for the first time I thought that the text would be about the children who were somewhere in the park and playd football or smth. else and one of them broke his boot and so on. But having read the text I can say what the text is really about. The actor, Gilbert Caister had been without job for a long time and now he was playing Dr. Dominic in the last act of one production and a certain jauntiness had returned to the gait and manner of one employed again. His salary was 4 pound a week what was not enough. Then fixing his monocle he emerged from his lodging and walked on in the street he regarded a fishmonger’s lobsters that he had eaten ages since. He moved up street and stopped again before a tailor’s window. He fancied himself in a tweed, but his clothes were faded and old. And his particular feature was his meche blanche. So, he walked on further and suddenly he recognized a face he knew. It was his old acquaintance Bryce-Green, a short and dapper man. Bryce was easy so happy to see Gilbert again that he offered him to go to have a lunch. Gilbert was very hungry and he replied that he would be delighted but within him he thought cheerfully that he was going to have a feed, and he added after that “my boy”. Bryce ordered a lot of foods and they talked a lot. Bryce-Green admired with Gilbert, with his play, he considered him for a real good actor. Talking with Gilbert Bryce saw suddenly Gilbert’s meche blanch and asked him how he accounted for it. Caister trembled if you thied starvation, but he said only that he dindn’t know. Bryce repeated constantly that Gilbert had a topping life and he would come and see him that night. So, but suddenly Bryce fixed his eyes on smth.,...
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