The British Mandate in Palestine

Topics: Israel, Palestine, Jordan Pages: 3 (804 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Maria Camila Escobar
The British Mandate in Palestine

After World War 1, Britain was given a mandatory power over Britain. Their purpose according to the League of Nations was to help Palestine become and independent state, but as time passed this aim became more difficult to accomplish because of the tough situation between the Palestinian Arabs and the Jews living in this land. In this essay the successes and failures of the British Mandate will be assessed.

During war Britain made lots of promises to different nations, promises that with time were more difficult to be kept. The British signed the Sykes-Picot Agreement with the French saying that once war was over they would split up the Middle East between them to control that region. This promise was fulfilled once they managed to convince The League of Nations they were dominant powers and deserved to have power over the lands that used to be Ottoman territories. With the McMahon correspondence between the Arabs and the British, Britain’s government supported the establishment of an independent Arab state, a completely contradictory promise by the Balfour Declaration were the British promised to support the creation of a Jewish home in Palestine. Despite all of these promises and the purpose set by the League of Nations, the British mandate was trying to establish two things, the building of a Jewish National homeland and the preparation of the population for a self-government nation.

Throughout the region, Arabs were angered by Britain’s failure to fulfill its promise to create an independent Arab state and instead support the national Jewish homeland in Palestine. This situation caused some Arabs to oppose to the British mandate causing trouble between the British, Arabs and Jews in the region, trouble that got out of the hands of the British government. Every time the British tried to create a new compromise, both sides would reject it because it was either too little or too much for one...
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